Surprise! Spartacist League Supports Islamic State

17 Nov

From the official homepage of these intrepid LARPers:

ISIS today is in battle against the local tools of U.S. imperialism, the main enemy of the world’s working people. A setback for the U.S. in Syria might give pause to Washington in its military adventures, including by encouraging opposition at home. Such opposition adds to the tinder that must be ignited in class struggle against the capitalist rulers who, in their quest for ever greater profits, beat down the workers, black people and immigrants.


Rosa Luxemburg is rolling over in her grave, shouting “Just die already, idiots!”

Anyone who has ever wasted an hour arguing with these people for the sheer sport of it (I can’t be the only one) could’ve told you this is their position without bothering to check.

In the same breath, these Cold War relics will voice support for the Chinese (i.e. “communist”) annexation of Tibet and decry the Israeli (i.e.”capitalist”) occupation of Palestine; they oppose progressive legislation because reform is the enemy of revolution; they think anti-foreclosure organizing is a mistake because more homeless people = more people with no stake in the system (“We take the long view on this.” – direct quote); etc.

Theirs is one of the most pig-headedly (sorry, pigs) Manichean political mentalities on Earth. Makes the silly cats in the Avakian cult seem almost palatable.

Cheer yourself up with this recording of Chomsky butting heads with some Spart “militants”:


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