New York Probably Hosed

23 Oct

New York Times health journalist Donald McNeil on whether you can “get Ebola from public transportation“:

It is extremely unlikely to spread through public transit…If someone ejected bloody mucus or vomitus onto a subway pole, and the next passenger were to touch it while it was still wet and then, for some unimaginable reason, were to put those wet fingers into an eye or mouth instead of wiping them in disgust — then yes, it could happen. Similarly, if an extremely ill passenger with high viral saliva loads were to sneeze large, wet droplets directly into the mouth or eyes of another passenger, the infection might be passed.

Apparently Mr. McNeil has the means to get around in NYC without the use of public transit. Nice to be reminded there are still some lucrative gigs in journalism.

But anyone familiar with the elaborate Lord of the Flies-esque social experiment that is the New York subway system knows he basically just said, “It is extremely unlikely to happen…It is obviously going to happen. It’s probably happening right now.”


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