Re: My lawn, damn kids, emancipatory social struggle, etc.

11 Nov

Let’s take a neat quiz I found on facebook. The version that appears below has been slightly amended.

Tools of Social Justice

D. A willfully obtuse 4,000 word tumblr post of apoplectic PC cant calling out fellow activists for their insufficient outrage at how THAT POP STAR did something VAGUELY OFFENSIVE.

With Parks & Recreation gifs.

Because if there’s one thing that unfailingly dumbfounds bigots and empowers disenfranchised communities in equal measure, it’s boring, insipid sitcoms where white people talk to the camera about their frivolous non-problems.

I’ll give those of you playing along at home a minute to deliberate.

…Okay, pencils down, you miscreants.

Aaaand–surprise!: the answer was

E. None of the above.

Hooray! Summer school for EVERYONE!

I look forward to feigning disapproval at your sexy pleas for leniency after class.

Seriously, even if we assume that certain violent means of achieving Social Justice are both effective and justifiable, since when has a brick gotten the pseudo-Fanonian CrimethInc. poseurs who favor them anything but cracked skulls and prison?

Oh! Maybe it’s supposed to be for constructing office buildings so your militant political org’s planning committee can set up a permanent base of operations…?

C. it is.


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