A Raspberry to My Anarchist Friends on the Cultural Left…

5 Nov

…whose sanctimonious claim to sole arbiter status over discursive racism is worth humbling, and whose uncritically inherited antipathy to Marxism (not to mention European Social Democracy) is worth picking at.

From Foucault’s 1975-76 lectures at the Collège de France, published as Society Must Be Defended:

The most racist forms of socialism were, therefore, Blanquism of course, and then the Commune, and then anarchism—much more so than social democracy, much more so than the Second International, and much more so than Marxism itself. Socialist racism was liquidated in Europe only at the end of the nineteenth century, and only by the domination of social democracy (and, it has to be said, by the reformism that was bound up with it)…and by a number of processes such as the Dreyfus affair in France…Until the Dreyfus affair, all socialists, or at least the vast majority of socialists, were basically racists.” (262-263)


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