I May Not Believe in God, But the God in Whom I Don’t Believe is Serious, Dammit!

13 Jun

Having ragged pretty hard on Leon Wieseltier in my little jeremiad against Samantha Power, I thought it only fair to mention how much I enjoyed this remark of his on American religion:

On top of all this, there’s another problem, which is the atheism of complete indifference to the subject. Most Americans are atheists not because they believe God does not exist, but because they spend all their time shopping. In other words, if you live a completely materialist-consumerist life in which philosophical conviction has no place–that’s a kind of atheism! And that’s the kind of atheism that will damage religion more than any philosophical atheism ever did. Not by giving the right or the wrong answer to the question, but by pretending the question doesn’t exist or is not important.

These comments appear in a clip from a fora.tv talk I inadvertently came across on youtube earlier this morning.

I can’t post this in good conscience, though, without clearly stating that Wieseltier’s record of derisive, slur-laden statements about Norman Finkelstein is truly despicable.


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