Oppose H. Res. 1734 (formerly 1731)

15 Dec

Today I received a number of emails about a House resolution of bipartisan authorship (which includes, disappointingly, the often admirable Anthony Weiner) calling on Congress to oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state through any means other than the so-called “Peace Process” as well as any recognition or support thereof by the international community. It also contains some misleading and invidious statements about the relevant diplomatic record that I’m too annoyed to paraphrase. You can read it for yourself here.

I urge you, fair-minded Nomad Sun visitor, to sign the petition against the resolution. When I called my state rep.’s office I was informed that, contrary to what some of the bulletins circulating about this matter indicate, the resolution did not come up in the House today but may go to a vote tomorrow morning.

In recent weeks Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay have signaled to Abbas that they recognize a Palestinian state within the June 1967 lines. It is unclear what this recognition means given that the PA itself has not declared Palestinian independence. And while Gaza is obviously Palestinian territory, the current PA leadership is considered illegitimate by the Hamas regime which rules there.

In any case, it has been clear for at least a decade that the US-administered “Peace Process” is going nowhere. Meanwhile, Israel has been steadily (and illegally) expropriating the best West Bank real estate for housing settlements and infrastructure with no sign of stopping. Palestinian leaders would do well to pursue alternative political strategies to end the occupation. Any American citizen with a shred of decency should support their right to do so.

Voting down the resolution would undermine the Obama administration’s efforts in the region and incur the wrath of the Israel lobby. There’s probably no chance a few thousand petition signatures will persuade Congress to do that. All the same, the dispossession and oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel constitute an immense and ongoing injustice in which US taxpayers share considerable complicity. Sparing five minutes for a tiny symbolic gesture of solidarity with the Palestinians is the least we can do.


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