3 Jun

Standard aneurysm-inducingly warped American press coverage of Israeli brutality.  It’s heartening to hear recognition on a cable news channel that the people of Gaza are suffering severely under the Israeli blockade, but the framing narrative here is still crazy.

There’s a lot to object to in this clip, but allow me to comment on just one particularly galling moment, namely, Mitchell’s sly insinuation that the Goldstone Report was biased against Israel.  She suggests this matter-of-factly, in passing, as though it’s a given.

But Richard Goldstone is a Zionist and a world-renowned jurist. His daughter made aliyah to Israel. He documented Hamas crimes as well as Israeli ones. Yet still, even on supposedly liberal MSNBC, the logic goes,

1. if the report made Israel look bad,


2. it must be because of UN bias.

Good grief.


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