It has been raining in Boston for days.

15 Mar

This weather’s pull on my emotional life has tended to place me at one of two recurrent points.

1. Melancholy-gloomy:

2. …

It’s odd, usually I’m excited by rainy days. I speculate that my affinity for dreary weather stems from how, as a kid, I relished days when rain or snow permitted me to spend recess and other downtime indoors reading, drawing (something I once loved, but no longer do because I suuuck don’t really have a knack for it), and setting up elaborate military confrontations between armies of action figures, plastic model dinosaurs, and other relatively small, anthropomorphizable toys (I later dropped the toys and took up AD&D (which (unless the trend is already dead) hipster poseurs have decided is cool— it’s a strange world)). Don’t get me wrong: I was very physically active up through 8th or 9th grade, but it was this athletic streak that solidified the charm of the rainy day. “Bad” weather was an excuse to indulge my hypergeeky introverted/creative side, free of the otherwise incessant drive to dominate the foursquare court or whatever playground competition might be afoot (I was also a sore loser and probably not much fun to play with).

ANYWAY, this miniature rainy season has been a downer. Intellicast tells me it is tapering off and that tomorrow will be dry and intermittently sunny, which means that it will probably snow.


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