The Metal Gods Continue to Test My Patience

9 Mar

"For the last fucking time, I'm not Doro!"
According to, Century Media Records have officially announced a June 8th release date for Nevermore’s new album, The Obsidian Conspiracy (it had previously been rumored to come out in March, then (tentatively) slated for early April). Seattle’s reigning kings of thrash-and-wail metal (my coinage, I think you’ll find it apt) have had this record in the can since fucking October and have yet to so much as release a single (although Warrel Dane did sporadically post one of the two cover songs set to appear on the album–‘The Crystal Ship’ by The Doors–on his MySpace page last Fall, but only for a few hours at a time, which really just made the distant and receding release date that much more frustrating). Apparently Jim Shepherd’s medical issues, as well as Dane’s and Loomis’s respective solo projects+related obligations contributed to the nearly five year gap since This Godless Endeavor. But srsly guys, time to re-unleash the fucking fury already, lest the metal brothers and sisters lose interest and you’re forced to face more clueless audiences like this one,

At least Warrel seems to have finally gotten that thing out of his nose.


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