15 Sep

Obama called Kanye West a jackass for interrupting a meaningless awards show with a rude (albeit aesthetically justified) outburst. Obama also quietly approved when Van Jones was forced to resign for calling the infinitely more contemptible Republicans “assholes.” Now, Obama did accept Joe Wilson’s apology for a similarly rude outburst (remember, when he called Obama a liar and reinforced the insane belief that healthcare reform will include taxpayer funded insurance for illegal immigrants?) because “everyone makes mistakes.” I wonder if Obama will take back what he said now that Kanye has issued his own phony apology. Obviously the difference is that Obama doesn’t need Kanye West’s support to pass legislation, but what kind of example is all this setting for the children? And if James Crowley could successfully play the hurt feelings card after receiving a few seconds of public criticism from the president, just imagine how Kanye feels being universally condemned. Well I got your back, Kanye. Fuck the haters.

Edit: Cornel West is with me on this one! —
(@ 53:00 mark)


One Response to “So…”

  1. dirty judas October 26, 2009 at 6:40 am #

    The reason why you’ve heard of Obama calling West a jackass was simply because he was asked how he felt about the situation by a reporter who still happened to be recording their conversation and then had the idea to put it online. I’m sure if the same reporter would have asked about any other similar situation you’d now be talking about Obama calling whomever else a jackass. Or maybe not since most of the general public cares more about Kanye West than what they consider “obscure” figures of American Politics. Obama may very well have called Jones a jackass and may very well still think Jones is a jackass, but it’s not recorded and leaked online, is the only difference.

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