Immediate response to the Biden-Palin debate

3 Oct
I was wrong about this. While Biden did demonstrate greater fluency with every issue, and presented a clearer, more compelling platform, he also did an excellent job of treating Palin respectfully. For most of the debate he politely ignored her and focused his offensive game on John McCain instead. Unfortunately, it appears this strategy of evading direct conflict with Palin was anticipated, and it backfired. Palin was allowed to dodge the debate and float through with rehearsed material. Not having to worry about content meant that her natural “charm” could shine through. With this debate Palin has clearly made major gains toward restoring the image she had after her speech at the RNC a few weeks back.

I have an awful feeling that most Americans will judge this debate mainly on style. Biden basically reprised the approach Kerry took in 2004. He talked voting records, policy specifics, constitutional issues, etc. He sounded like he was addressing congress rather than fickle, sentiment-driven undecideds. The average American tuned him out and fell asleep. They woke up to watch with rapt attention as Sarah Palin read a vague, inspirational script in that phony, overdone accent of hers. Meanwhile, she got away with blowing off every question and half of the points made against her. It’s unbelievable to me how passive the moderator was — Katie Couric was successful at revealing Palin as a dangerously uninformed fraud because she insisted that Palin answer the fucking questions. Here, Palin was given total license to IGNORE EVERY ONE. Disgusting.

Update: This is reassuring, although I’m inclined to wonder whether people are just too embarrassed to admit that they prefer the dumb, inspirational chick they identify with over the guy who is clearly better qualified.


2 Responses to “Immediate response to the Biden-Palin debate”

  1. Thomas Bridges October 3, 2008 at 12:21 pm #

    I concur with your assessment, and will link to it.

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